FM13 player filters

There’s usually some of these released every year, or imported across game versions, but I thought I might as well put some up for FM13 that take the base of the suggestions FM gives per role, but with some modifications based on my experience. For example, some of the full back/wing back roles have creativity added as this can give players in these positions a much greater attacking threat. Most of the changes are subtle and shouldn’t make it too hard to find suitable players, but should narrow it down for you a bit.

By default all of the attributes are set to ‘at least’ 13, but feel free to put that up or down (or mess with the ‘match’ button) if you have a great or terrible team. I haven’t added position filters because it can help find more players that way, and you can always retrain players!

All you have to do is download, then place the file in My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\filters and then, in game, on the player search screen, click the Filter dropdown, then manage filters and import the file.

Download the filters here!

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