Push Them Wide is a different kind of Football Manager website. The blog was started in October 2011 to allow the two of us to broadcast our ideas on FM to a wider audience. We have both previously been members of a number of fan sites but felt that a lot of the time, our content was not being read or taken in by forum members. Fan sites make a big deal about the importance of content but in all actuality in means very little for the average gamer.

So we created Push Them Wide, a blog not for the average gamer, but for the manager who wanted to dig a little deeper, who wanted to look more closely at tactics, training, and management. We want to encourage our readers to explore every inch of FM by showing them some of the ways that we get the most out of the game. And just because its not the average FM website, Push Them Wide isn’t some elitist blog that spits on the simpler way of playing; we want everyone with an open mind to delve deeper into the tactical side of the game by providing them with the ideas that can help them to develop their understanding and win more matches.

We want to kill off the era of plug-and-play tactics in favour of a more enriching and rewarding playing style. It’s not for everyone, but we hope that you give it a try.

We post at least two or three articles per month and tweet a load of other content by blogs and sites across the community that we’ve enjoyed so you’ll regularly find new stuff to read in your mail box if you subscribe, or on your timeline if you follow us on Twitter (@PushThemWide).

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy what we have to say, even if you don’t agree with it!

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  1. now this is the web that i like to see. the name’s nobel. i write FM 13 strategy in indonesia, nice to meet you folks.
    i will be stalking here now on.

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